• What’s Covered
    • The secrets to youthful skin
    • An introduction to Face Yoga
    • 5 rejuvenating facial exercises, 3 massage techniques and 4 acupressure points
    • Beauty tools; Gua Sha, Jade Rolling, Cupping
    • Face Mapping and Chinese Body Clock principles

    • Easy to follow morning/evening routines
    • Skincare: a list of toxic ingredients to avoid
    • DIY skincare
    • The right foods for beautiful looking skin

...And so much more...

What’s inside?

Natural techniques with tips & tricks on beauty, wellbeing and health.

This e-book goes beyond the dermal layers teaching you how to start taking care of your face and skin from the inside out. Learn how to look and feel good in your skin - no matter your age.


The e-book starts by taking a deep dive into our immensely popular - FACE YOGA - the most potent, rejuvenating technique there is. Along with learning what face yoga is and how it works, you will learn the 5 most potent face exercises for building and toning all your facial muscles. Say goodbye to wrinkles and imperfections the natural way! We cap off your routine in style and reveal the secrets of relaxing face massage techniques and acupressure.


To set you up for success and best results, our founder Karin has put together a morning and evening workout and skincare routine that takes the stress out of putting one together yourself. Know exactly what to do, when to do it, with results guaranteed. Start seeing a difference in as little as 2 weeks!


This e-Book also takes you deeper into characteristics of the face and gives you insights into Traditional Chinese Medicine, face mapping and face - emotions connections. For the very first time you will learn about the Chinese Body clock and how to take care of your organs at different times of the day.


Are you dealing with acne? Wrinkles? Facial tension? Sagging skin? In this e-book we uncover which beauty tool is the best for you and cover more about your favorite beauty tools; Gua-Sha, Jade roller and cupping.


Skincare: at Glowinface we are aware of how important it is to put the right ingredients in and on your body so we’ve prepared some essential skincare tips and tricks for you with a list of toxic ingredients to avoid in your skincare routine.


You will also gain access to Karin’s immensely popular DIY serum and face mask recipes you can do at home in no time with safe, simple pantry staples.


In the end of this e-book Karin shares how certain foods affect the aging process, skin health and beauty. Eating the right foods and supplements can be the greatest contribution to face yoga. If your base (nutrition) is good, everything else you do will have stronger effects.

Face yoga works!

These are before & after pictures of our satisfied costumers:

  • About the founder

The founder of Glowinface Karin Velikonja has been teaching Face Yoga all over the world since 2014. She held classes in the USA, Belgium, UK, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Dubai, and Bali to more than 1000 participants. She fluently speaks English, Italian, Slovenian, and Croatian.

In 2018 she created an online version of her signature 5-week face workout program and started offering individual online sessions worldwide. You can get it at www.glowinface.com as an addi- tion to your face yoga routine. There you will learn an additional 10 most potent face exercises and create a complete face workout routine.

In the past, she has collaborated with different beauty companies in Italy, Dubai, Bali, and Slovenia. Together they organized many face yoga presentations and staff trainings to educate people about the importance of facial exercise. She has spoken about Face Yoga at different health and wellness congresses, university classes and introduced it to health practitioners and doctors in Slovenia.


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