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Learn how I started with Face Yoga and built my Glowinface business

Listen to my story and get inspired. Everything is possible if you decide to follow what feels right. 

Time: 22 mins
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Karin Velikonja

CEO Glowinface and creator of Glowinface Face Yoga method 

Topics Included:

  • Why & when I started with Face Yoga
  • Where did I study and got my knowledge
  • Why is important to listen to your gut feeling
  • How & when I started teaching
  • How I built my online Business
  • What are my plans and goals for the future

With this video I want to share my story with you so you can get to know me better and understand why I am so passionate about Face Yoga.
Listening you will learn about my business path and why it’s crucial to listen to your own gut and follow what you love.
You will learn how visualisation and positive mindset helped me get through “tough” times and what keeps me going sharing my knowledge despite all the obstacles that are inevitable on your path – even though you’re doing what you love.
You will understand that there is no such thing as “overnight” success and why this is actually a good thing.
My goal with this video is to encourage you to take a leap and start following what you love because you just might, from a “hobby”, create a thriving and successful (Face Yoga) business.

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