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What are your possibilities as a Face Yoga teacher? ali Learn your possibilities as a Face Yoga teacher.

The only investment you have to make is investing in a good quality and certified Teacher training Program

Time: 12 mins
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Karin Velikonja

CEO Glowinface and creator of Glowinface Face Yoga method 

Topics Included:

  • Your investment into the teacher training program 
  • Prerequisites to become a teacher
  • What are the risks
  • Face Yoga market 
  • Your possibilities after becoming our Certified Face Yoga teacher
  • How to start with your business and how to conduct presentations, workshops, courses, online programs etc.
  • Information about our internationally accredited Teacher training program
  • Business and marketing aspects 

In this webinar you will learn what it takes to become a certified Glowinface Face Yoga teacher, what are the prerequisites and the investment.
I will tell you when you can expect to have your investment in the program returned and share with you information about the current Face Yoga market and where the beauty industry is heading.
You will learn the best and most profitable ways of teaching and how to conduct presentations, workshops, courses, online programs and more.
Your options as a Face Yoga teacher are limitless and the best part is you don’t have to quit your job and risk it all to start teaching and making a profit.

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