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The key to success with face yoga is in the right technique and structure of your workouts. Doing a few exercises here and there just won’t do the trick and won’t bring you results desired. This is why our founder Karin created different programs for you to follow. In this way you’ll save time searching for the exercises and worrying if you are doing the right routine.

You can choose between our best-selling basic workout program or individualized live program with our founder Karin. Need help deciding? Book 1-1 online consultation and learn which program is the best for you + get all your questions answered.


“Full facial muscle activation is the reason why this Glowinface program is so successful and it has rejuvenated faces and improved well-being of more than 5000 customers all over the world.”

Great for beginners, this basic face workout program helps you lift your face and reduce wrinkles in the comfort of your own home. In only 10 minutes daily you will slow down the aging process, reduce wrinkles, double chin, improve your skin and rejuvenate the whole face naturally.

In this program we will walk you through 15 staple exercises which will activate and strengthen ALL your facial muscles step-by-step. To get the best results possible, you’ll need to learn the right sequence of exercises, activating the heaviest muscles first and then slowly proceed to the smallest ones.

No matter what your concerned area is, you have to make sure you start training your whole face first as your facial muscles are closely interconnected. Only after that you can start focusing on your weakest facial areas and achieve even greater results. After completing this program you can always uplevel your workout game with our advanced face workouts.

And the best part? This program stays with you forever!

Online Training


VAT for non US customers is added to the price at the check out

5-week online course
  • 15 face exercises 
  • All facial areas covered 
  • 10 guided workouts 
  • Introduction to Face Mapping 
  • Tips on how to workout  
  • Lifetime access 
  • Downloadable content 


Do you want to learn which face exercises work best for your face, work directly with our founder Karin and receive a personalized workout program to follow?

This program offers just that!

Every face tells a different story, and that's why you'll achieve even better results if you perform exercises that we uniquely craft for your face form and gravitation type.

First, we will talk about your desires, preferences, and goals and get to know your facial characteristics and weakest areas. Your face is a roadmap to whatever is going on in your body, and your skin imperfections tell us many things about your internal organs.

This information will help us craft a personalized 5-week long workout plan that will help you achieve the best results in the shortest time. Karin will personally guide you through your transformation in weekly 1h long LIVE sessions. There you'll be able to ask questions, learn all the exercises (which you will get also in a video form), develop a proper technique, and track your progress + learn the best massage techniques and acupressure for your face.

Individual training

VAT for non US customers is added to the price at the check out

5-week long personalized program BUY THE COURSE
  • 5 weekly online 1-1 sessions  
  • All facial areas covered 
  • Focus on your concerned areas
  • 15 - 18 face exercises 
  • Massage techniques  
  • Acupressure
  • Step-by-step individual learning 
  • Face mapping & face reading 
  • Nutrition, skincare & beauty tools  
  • Additional 5 week personalised program 
  • Video & written content 
  • Lifetime access  


1-1 consultation hour is suitable for everybody: complete beginners and face yoginins wanting to learn how to keep on going after completing any of our Glowinface programs.

In this hour with our founder Karin you will learn everything about your face; what is your gravitation type, how is your face actually aging, which are the areas requiring more attention and how to structure your workouts, which Glowinface program is the best for you, how to do your workouts to achieve the best results possible and much more.

Besides going through face exercises Karin will answer all your questions regarding your face and face yoga.

With this consultation hour you will get all your questions answered.

Ask us anything!

VAT for non US customers is added to the price at the check out

  • 1-hour long session
  • Receive a full face diagnosis
  • Learn how to start / keep on going with face yoga
  • Repeat all the exercises
  • Ask questions
 OPEN FOR BOOKINGS WORLDWIDE Want us to visit your town? Let's chat about opportunities: karin@glowinface.com.

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