Not convinced it really works?

Here are some amazing transformations from our clients.


Goal: Getting volume in lower cheeks and erasing eye-circles.

Achieved in: 1 year

I was very enthusiastic about Face Yoga so I did an individual Skype course with Karin. At first, I was convinced that exercising more will get me better results. But it turned out that the best results came when I made Face Yoga a part of my daily routine, exercising 10 minutes per day and 30 minutes once a week.
After the course, I now know which exercises to do based on my face structure to achieve a rejuvenated look and improve my well-being.


Goal: Lifting the upper eyelids, sculpting her jawbone and erasing wrinkles between the eyebrows.

Achieved in: 4 weeks

Thanks to Karin and her professional guidance I have learned easy, but effective Face yoga exercises which changed my life completely.

After only 2 weeks of exercising, my energy levels soared, I started to feel more awake and refreshed. After 4 weeks the results speak volumes - the change is obvious and I couldn’t be happier.


Goal: Reducing double chin and removing wrinkles around the eyes. Improved health and well-being.

Achieved in: 6 weeks

The best practice to improve your well-being, health and appearance is Face Yoga! Why?

Simply because exercising with your face muscles not only tones, lifts, and forms your face but also makes the blood circulation flowing in all parts of the skull, affecting your internal glands and brain. The result? Feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.


Goal: Eliminating wrinkles above the upper lip and lifting the cheeks naturally.

Achieved in: 4 weeks

Just after 4 weeks of exercising the first results started to show.

My cheeks filled up, my upper lip enlarged and wrinkles around the eyes diminished.

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