When Mariela first contacted me about our face yoga program, she just suffered from two horrible concussions. They made the right side of her face drop and experience terrible headaches which were messing with her sleeping patterns and the ability to focus. 

She was also visiting TWO neurologists at that time, trying to get to the source of the problem and finally feel the relief from all the issues she was experiencing. She was right in the middle of our 5-week face yoga program when she had a terrible car accident – leaving her with a third concussion.

But that ‘didn’t stop her from trying to get better and believing the universe has her back. She got back on her feet and started again after she got a green light from her doctors. Due to her faith and dedication, her recovery was speedy, and nobody could believe the results (including her doctors).

When I heard that, I ‘couldn’t help but admire ‘ Mariela’s beautiful bravery,  which also led her to become our first certified Glowinface instructor. 

Read more about her holistic healing experience and how  Glowinface face yoga program changed her life forever!

1.) Dear Mariela, tell us, where did you discover our face yoga program? Why have you decided to try it out?

I discovered face yoga in late 2017 when I read some news articles. In 2018, a New York Times wrote an article, covering the amazing results it provides. Mid 2018, after experiencing two consecutive concussions, the right side of my face dropped, and I decided to do something holistically to regain my face mobility. I remembered that article I read, and I proactively researched multiple face yoga instructors. The Glowinface method truly resonated with my neuroscience and holistic views. So I gave the program a try, and I was truly in awe with the results.

2.) Can you write about your injury and  recovery? What was the first thing you noticed when starting with the exercises?

As mentioned above,  I experienced two consecutive concussions before giving Glowinface face yoga program a try. I did the exercises hoping to reactivate my muscles – and the program turned out to be a real physical therapy for my face. But soon after, I had a car accident and experienced my third concussion. That’s why I couldn’t complete the 5-week program the first time – I needed to get the green light from my neurologist and functional neurologist chiropractor first.

Once I was permitted to physical activity again, I started the 5-week program from scratch. Knowing how my face improved within three weeks before my car accident, I started doing the exercises morning and night. 

At this point, I approached Karin to get my certification as her first Glowinface instructor. I believed I had a message to share with the world and help many other people who had experienced similar health setbacks as I did. My training was intense, but it also kept me motivated to see what the final results would be this time around after completing the full program.

The first thing I noticed since day one was the mental clarity I had throughout the day. I also saw the diminished intensity of my headaches, less blurry vision, and the ability to fall asleep. The concussions disrupted my sleep patterns, which is a common side effect of TBI.

3.) When the major improvement happened, and how did you notice it?

Due to my third concussion, I couldn’t complete the program the first time around. I did feel better, but I couldn’t pinpoint if it were the face exercises or the therapies I was doing simultaneously.

After the third concussion, I didn’t do any intense therapy along with the exercises. All I did in combination with the facial exercises were active meditation.  I completed my certification at that time and started using ancient beauty tools and herbs. My recovery the last time around was incredibly fast and remarkable that both neurologists were extremely impressed to see how fast I recovered.

4.) Your injury was so bad that you actually had to do “check-ins” at your neurologist. Tell us what did he say about your healing progress?

As mentioned before, both were extremely impressed. To prove it all scientifically, I was ordered an MRI with DTI, which is the only way TBI’s can be measured. My brain had improved at a 60% compared to the scan done after 1st concussion early that year (we did no MRI was done after 2nd).

I knew right then and there that the face workout did not only gave me my face mobility back, but it helped me regain my health!

Now,  I call it my “Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber” that’s at the reach of my own hands’! That’s why I’m so incredibly passionate doing what I do – exploring holistic beauty methods opposed to quick fixes. There is no fast route to get overnight changes, but the knowledge, resources, and results you get along the way do last a lifetime! Be patient.

5.) Tell us how your daily face yoga routine looks like. How many times per week do you work out?

The first 5 months I did face workout twice a day almost every day. Now I do them every other day to let my muscles relax, and I do strive to do exercises two times on that day.  

With the knowledge I have acquired, I know I can do them everywhere – especially when I’m driving or cooking. I’m not ashamed of doing my funny faces! I’m proud that I’m mindfully taking control of my beauty, of my self-care and how I feel!

6.) What was the main reason you decided to become a face yoga instructor? Why did you decide for Glowinface certificate program?

As mentioned earlier, I knew the program was unique from all the research I put into finding different methods and instructors. First of all, I’m a science geek; I live and breathe for research!  Knowing that Karin had thoughtfully backed up every aspect of the program with science, I knew I had found what I was looking for. Compared to other programs, this one was focusing on fundamental, yet extremely powerful exercises.  Being a New Yorker, time is of the essence to me – I like things simplified, with a process that yields effective results. No one has the time to learn 50+ exercises. Seeing all the before & afters sealed the deal.

7.) What was your favorite subject covered in the instructor training?

Chinese medicine and face mapping! I find it fascinating that health can be seen on our face. If we could pay more attention to what our body is telling us, we all be more healthy.  We’d also have fewer trips to the doctor’s office.

8.) What is your vision, and where do you see yourself as a face yoga instructor? 

My vision is to help as many people as possible to feel confident in their skin. I want them to know that true beauty and health are within a hand’s reach (literally). I want to show people that rejuvenation and beauty are not extrinsic factors of our being, but rather an intrinsic process that starts from the inside out – beginning in our mind.

In combination with face yoga instructor knowledge and past experiences, I created the No Faux FACELIFT method – The Facelift that Uplifts Your Well-being!

I based the program on my Mindful Beauty Coaching services, and it stands on two core pillars: 

1.) All about Your Face: face workout, face mapping, ancient tools, and facial massage

2.) All About Your Mindset: meditation and mindfulness activities that are backed up by healthy nutrition coaching experts – I call this Mindful Beauty Alignment. Every week is fueled with new challenges and fulfilling activities to promote self-love through self-care.

9.) Looking at your story, we can see that Face Yoga is much more than just a “beauty treatment.” Tell us, what do you think about Face Yoga being a “healing” technique?

Ancient beauty and ancient medicine have their roots in harvesting the power of self-healing. I genuinely believe that MINDSET is the core for maintaining optimal health. It is incredibly important that whatever the method of healing we choose, we approach it with LOVE and COMPASSION. 

Being able to slow down, do the exercises, and surrendering my healing to God is what lead to my healing. I know God provided me with the opportunity to cross paths with Karin and her method. I knew this was an answer to my prayer! All that has happened to me before and after my training was a blessing in disguise. It has led me to find my purpose in helping others to love themselves from the inside out!

Hi, my name is Karin, and I’m the founder and lead instructor of Glowinface Face Yoga programs.
Before Face YogaAfter Face yoga

I can’t imagine my day without face yoga. Exercising my face relaxes and energizes me at the same time, which gets me into a good mood, especially now when I see how far I’ve come. My cheeks lifted and gained volume, my lips got fuller, dark circles were much less visible, and my skin was completely renewed.

Sandra, 45

Once you see first results on your face, you just want to keep going – feeling better and younger each time. I lost my double chin upon only two weeks!

Martina, 37

Face Yoga Basic program covers all you
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