Natalie Roiko
Natalie RoikoHelsinki, Finland
Age: 37
Face Yoga Is: Key to inner and outer transformation.
Favorite Exercise: Goodbye Eye Circels & Upper Facelift.
Shelley Blaze
Shelley BlazeLondon
Age: 30
Face Yoga Is: A holistic workout for the face.
Favorite Exercise: Total Facelift
Wilma Unterlechner
Wilma UnterlechnerSouthtirol-Italy
Age: 59
Face Yoga Is:
Favorite Exercise: Eye Opener
Jeanine Coh
Jeanine CohGermany
Age: 34
Face Yoga Is: fountain of youth
Favorite Exercise: Total Face Lift & Eye Opener
Erika Walljasper
Erika Walljasper Columbia, Missouri USA
Age: 45
Face Yoga Is: Energizing
Favorite Exercise: Cat Eyes/Advanced Cheekbone Lift
Tanja Blaha
Tanja BlahaTirol, Austria & Abu Dhabi, UAE
Age: 42
Face Yoga Is: empowering, transformational and activates your healing ability
Favorite Exercise: eye opener & cheeks up
Katharina Popp
Katharina PoppFrankfurt am Main, Germany
Age: 33
Face Yoga Is: Revealing your most beautiful face.
Favorite Exercise: Eye Opener & Total Facelift
Nataša Popov
Nataša PopovLjubljana, Slovenia
Age: 36
Face Yoga Is: a glow from inside-out
Favorite Exercise: Eye Opener
Mateja Čeh
Mateja ČehPtuj, Slovenija
Age: 29
Face Yoga Is: a transformation of stres to vitality, in one word – magic!
Favorite Exercise: cheekbone lift
Vesna Pinter Stojnić
Vesna Pinter StojnićIzola, Slovenia
Age: 44
Face Yoga Is: my secret
Favorite Exercise: Total Face lift and Upper Face Lift
Anastasiia Chornii
Anastasiia ChorniiChicago, USA
Age: 33
Face Yoga Is: a natural way to look and feel younger
Favorite Exercise: advanced total face lift
 Mateja Grajzar
Mateja GrajzarLjubljana, Slovenia
Age: 43
Face Yoga Is: holistic healing for body, mind and face
Favorite Exercise: Cat Eyes, Advance Neck lift, Goodbye Eye Cirlces
Moana Wagner
Moana WagnerOnline - Based in Austria, France, Portugal
Age: 41
Face Yoga Is: The best way for glowing inside out
Favorite Exercise: Advanced neck lift / Eye opener
Alizé Jalhay
Alizé JalhayBrussels, Belgium
Age: 33
Face Yoga Is: The best gift we can make to ourself
Favorite Exercise: Eye opener / Smiling face
Nazmeen Khaliq
Nazmeen KhaliqLondon, UK
Age: 36 (feel 21 ;))
Face Yoga Is: Elixir of youth
Favorite Exercise: Upper Facelift
Ajda Koloini
Ajda KoloiniAjdovščina, Slovenia
Age: 22
Face Yoga Is: A Workout
Favorite Exercise: Total Face Lift & Balloon
Jasmina Černilogar
Jasmina ČernilogarKoper, Slovenia
Age: 47
Face Yoga Is: Hard work
Favorite Exercise: Total Face Lift
Lucie Šetinová
Lucie ŠetinováPrague, Czech Republic
Age: 33
Face Yoga Is: Natural face lifting
Favorite Exercise: Total facelift & Cat eyes
Eva Brzovič Šturm
Eva Brzovič ŠturmLjubljana, Slovenia
Age: 42
Face Yoga Is: Self-Care
Favorite Exercise: Cat Eyes
Dragana Bošnjak
Dragana BošnjakLjubljana, Slovenia
Age: 33
Face Yoga Is: Enlightenment
Favorite Exercise: Cat eyes
Darja Munda
Darja MundaLjubljana, Slovenia
Age: 40
Face Yoga Is: Awakening
Favorite Exercise: Total facelift
Tina Drole
Tina DroleKöln, Germany
Age: 25
Face Yoga Is: Flow
Favorite Exercise: Upper Face Lift
Martina Grosek
Martina GrosekGraz, Austria
Age: 37
Face Yoga Is: Transformation
Favorite Exercise: Eye Opener
Maša Djuzić
Maša DjuzićLjubljana, Slovenia
Age: 30
Face Yoga Is: Flow
Favorite Exercise: Cat Eyes :)
Lily Yip
Lily YipSingapore
Age: 46
Face Yoga Is: Renewing
Favorite Exercise: Bye Bye Double Chin
Mariela Amato
Mariela Amato New York, United States
Age: 35
Face Yoga Is: Powerful
Favorite Exercise: Cat Eyes :)
Sandra Ntsoli
Sandra Ntsoli Geneva, Switzerland
Age: 33
Face Yoga Is: Rejuvenation
Favorite Exercise: Cat Eyes :)
Felicia Skog
Felicia SkogNorway
Face Yoga Is:
Favorite Exercise: