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Say bye to saggy skin, double chin and wrinkles.


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What Face Yoga can do for you

Get the ultimate natural facelift with our series of online workout programs.

Reduce wrinkles, get rid of the double chin, eliminate dark circles and make your skin glow in as little as five weeks

Eliminates wrinkles, tones & sculpts the face

Improves blood circulation in the face and makes your skin glow

Boosts energy levels and improves your well-being


The first in our series of online programs, this is a great place to start your rejuvenation journey. Designed to train more than 50 muscles in your face, neck and skull. Covers the 15 most potent exercises, this program takes care of all problem areas: the neck, chin, mouth, cheeks, under eye area, forehead and everything in between. It is suitable for complete beginners and it is the starting foundation for all our advanced programs and teacher training.

What makes the Glowinface program so effective?

Order matters. The precise structure of the workouts and the potency of the exercises based on in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy. The program is structured on the fact that facial muscles are highly interconnected and so they always affect each other. In order to achieve the best results possible, it is important to start training the biggest muscles in the outer muscle layers and then slowly proceed to the smallest ones - in the deepest muscle layers. This program offers you safe and effective guided workouts giving you great results. The only thing left for you is to start and keep on going.

LEVEL: Beginner
DURATION: 5 weeks WORKOUTS: 15 Exercises


Glowinface Karin
  • “Glowinface method includes 15 effective exercises which take 10 minutes of daily practice and 30 minutes of intensive facial workout 2 times per week to get the best results (reduced wrinkles, toned muscles, and extra energy). Once you see first results on your face, you just want to keep going - feeling better and younger each time. I lost my double chin upon only two weeks!”
    Martina, 37
  • “I noticed the changes after my first workout. The blood circulation improved, and it boosted my energy levels instantly. I felt awake, my whole face was alive, and I became aware of my facial muscles. After 3 weeks of exercising, I started seeing changes on my face as well. My cheeks and jaw got sculpted, dark circles were drastically reduced, the lifted upper eyelids "opened" my eyes.”
    Tina, 25
  • Mariela
    I’m a science geek; I live and breathe for research!  Knowing that Karin had thoughtfully backed up every aspect of the program with science, I knew I had found what I was looking for. Compared to other programs, this one was focusing on fundamental, yet extremely powerful exercises.  Being a New Yorker, time is of the essence to me – I like things simplified, with a process that yields effective results.
    Mariela, 35
  • I can’t imagine my day without face yoga. Exercising my face relaxes and energizes me at the same time, which gets me into a good mood, especially now when I see how far I’ve come. My cheeks lifted and gained volume, my lips got fuller, dark circles were much less visible, and my skin was completely renewed.
    Sandra, 45

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