Start the business of your dreams

Start the business of your dreams

Become a certified face yoga teacher.

Become a certified face yoga teacher.


Nurture your uniqueness – Age Gracefully – Increase your income – Enjoy your freedom –  Help others thrive

Nurture your uniqueness – Age Gracefully – Increase your income – Enjoy your freedom – Help others thrive

Are you ready?

Are you ready to revolutionise the beauty industry and empower individuals to transform their appearance naturally? Look no further! Our comprehensive online Face Yoga Teacher Training program is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and expertise to become a well renowned face yoga instructor.

Why choose Glowinface Face Yoga?

 Because our method is the only one connecting and explaining how your inner (im)balance reflects on your well-being and your face and how you can by stimulating facial muscles balance your inner world + uplift your face.

If you’re ready to…

• Tap into exclusive knowledge on the latest and most advanced facial rejuvenating techniques such as face exercises, fascia release & facial massage
• Cover in-depth knowledge on facial anatomy and function, and learn directly from a doctor / dentist specialised in implantology and TMD
• Learn a facial reading technique based on traditional Chinese Medicine and finally understand the meaning behind your facial characteristics and wrinkles
• Inspire & help other people find their natural beauty – both inside and out 
• Start a thriving business, increase your income, enjoy your freedom and work all over the world

This training is for you!

Now more than ever people search for natural rejuvenating techniques to feel and look their best without injectables to preserve their unique beauty and feel their best. But an interesting fact is that more than 70% of the whole population doesn’t know how. They don’t know about the power of good quality Face Exercises. This is your chance to stand out in the market and show people. This is your time to shine.

Applications are now open!

Join our next internationally accredited online teacher training.

Starting October 6th 2024

Starting October 6th 2024


Pay a deposit of 725 eur now and secure your spot!

What our founder Karin has to say about the training

A healthy and glowing face is our passion.
We are constantly evolving our knowledge and practice to fulfil our mission of passing on research-backed information. In this 30h training, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to learn our renowned Glowinface method and work LIVE online with the founder Karin who has been actively working in the Face Yoga field for 10+ years. Joining us as well is internationally renowned doctor and public speaker DMD Matej Kulis, specialist in TMJ & Bruxism.

This is the only Face Yoga teacher’s program that is backed by science and gives you the opportunity to learn directly from a medical professional.

Your lecturers


Founder of the Glowinface method, owner of a Holistic Glowin Studio in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Karin is an entrepreneur, creator and founder of Glowinface. She discovered Face Yoga through her own battle with burn-out and hormonal imbalance which reflected in her well-being and on her face. She was struggling with tension and pain in the facial muscles, headaches and migraines + teeth clenching. Tension also caused lymphatic stagnation resulting in a puffy rounded face also called the “moon” face. With the help of face exercises she was able to release tension in the muscles, improve facial mobility and blood + lymph flow resulting in a sculpted face. The best part was she, with the help of face yoga, was able to reduce stress and rebalance her hormones which as a result brought better focus and more energy. After realising Face Yoga changed her life (and her mother’s 50 years old face) she decided to share this potent practice with the world. Over the last 10+ years, she has comprehensively studied facial anatomy and function, the ageing process, traditional Chinese Medicine and face reading.


Less puffy and more sculpted face (without losing weight). More energy and radiance.

Karin has extensive knowledge in face exercises, acupressure, the ancient gua-sha and cupping techniques, as well as fascia release. Borrowing best practices from all these methods, she has derived her powerful holistic – age well – programs that focus on reducing and slowing the signs of ageing, as well as building an understanding around the deeper meaning of wrinkles and how they connect with each individual’s character, mindset, and emotions. Karin has come a long way from starting her business online – working from home, and cementing her expertise to becoming one of the leading Face Yoga experts – conducting Face Yoga, Face Massage, Gua-Sha and Cupping workshops globally, developing Glowin signature Face Yoga Facial treatment and online teacher training program with international accreditation, developing the first skincare line for Face Yoga and her signature Gua-Sha and Cupping tools, collaborating with doctors and physiotherapists to create manual therapy protocols for treating TMJ disorders, to owning a new Holistic centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Now more than 10.000 people all over the world practises Glowin Face Yoga method and enjoys amazing results.


Dentist, Implantology & TMD specialist, international lecturer, founder of the Glowin Medical Dental Clinic

Matej is a doctor, dentist, TMD specialist and international lecturer who has been sharing and teaching his signature techniques at congresses and workshops worldwide. He specialises in Implantology and TMD (Bruxism and TMJ disorders (TMJ – temporomandibular joint)) and owns a private practice in Slovenia, Ljubljana. He has teamed up with Karin to create a program that helps reduce TMJ disorders naturally, using exercises and massage techniques. In this instructor’s training, Matej covers facial anatomy, function, and TMJ disorders.

Content of the training


Facial anatomy,
structure & function

Starting with four self-paced sessions, you will learn the first fundamental: facial anatomy, structure and function. 

As a Face Yoga teacher, your deep knowledge of facial muscle position, connections and function, fascia, bone structure, skin, SMAS, retaining ligaments, is crucial for understanding facial exercises and how to work on your face. 

You will also learn about the brain’s functioning, especially the amygdala – a small almond-shaped structure in the brain that works to process emotions (which are then expressed through the face). You will understand the structure and function of the lymphatic and vascular systems as well as the nervous system (Vagus and Facial nerves).

After learning about the systems separately we will then show you how strongly connected these systems actually are and how they affect each other. Then you will learn and understand how important face exercises and fascia + massage techniques actually are – not only for reducing wrinkles but more importantly for the health of every single tissue and cell of your body.

As we want to give you the most accurate and precise knowledge, we ensure you learn from the best – our founder Karin and doctor Kulis.


The ageing process
& gravitation types

The ageing process affects us all, but not everyone ages the same. We all age differently for many reasons, and one of them is your unique gravitation type, which you inherit from your parents. But you can’t and shouldn’t “blame” your genes only. Epigenetics ages your face way more than you might think. We can divide the ageing process into intrinsic and extrinsic ageing – emotional stress being one of the top causes of extrinsic ageing. Yes, the emotions you feel daily and the thoughts you think (both in a longer term create your character) affect the way your face looks and ages tremendously. In this training, you can expect to receive a broader picture of how the body, mind, spirit, and face interact and affect each other.


Traditional Chinese
Medicine & Face Reading

After understanding muscle connections and facial structure, it is time to look at the face from a traditional Chinese Medicine point of view. Face Reading is a modality that is more than 4000+ years old and uses the face (facial form and shape of the nose, eyes, chin, ears, wrinkles and disposition) to check for internal (organ) in (balance/s).
It’s mind blowing to think that by just looking at a person’s face, you are able to see the energetical functioning of each organ through meridian pathways and, even more, the state of a person’s mindset, emotional patterns, character and even past experiences + future potential. We each wear our entire being on our faces; and learning how to read the signs is a powerful skill set to know. In this module, we will start by learning how to read the face and learn the signs and then incorporate facial techniques such as exercises, massages, healing sounds and nutrition based on the five-element theory to get your face, body and emotional being back to balance. Because only when you’re balanced, your face is uplifted and glowing.


Learning of Face Yoga, Myofascial

release, massage & advanced techniques

This module will be a practical one. You will start off learning the precise execution of Face Exercises from the Glowinface Beginners program, which has transformed the faces of more than 50.000 clients all over the world. You will also learn advanced exercises that will take your results (and the results of your clients) to a new level. We will relish in deep intraoral techniques, fascia stimulation, and massage while Karin will teach you how to, knowing all these potent techniques, individualise workout routines for each client. Yes, while we all need to start activating our neck, cranial and facial muscles in the same way (due to muscle connections) the best results are when all facial muscles are activated – then achieved, if you know how to individualise and up-level your workouts.


TMJ Disorders & Bruxism
+ the importance of the tongue for facial form

More than 80% of the population suffers from Bruxism and TMJ disorders. They experience teeth grinding and clenching, pain in the masticatory muscles and even headaches and migraines. The Glowin Teacher Program is the only Face Yoga training to teach you about TMJ disorders and how to treat them with face exercises and massage. Not to mention, this is the only training in which you will learn directly from a doctor and TMJ specialist. In this training, you will also learn about the importance of your body and facial posture and how both affect your face and the way you age. You will also learn about the function and use of the tongue to improve your facial form, occlusion, teeth positioning and a wrinkle-free face.


Teaching Face Yoga &
structuring workshops, courses & privates

We will dedicate the second half of the training to practice.

In this module, you will put the knowledge gained in the first part of the course into action. You will practice gravitation types, face reading, and facial muscles and learn which exercises and programs are best for each situation. You will learn how to structure a free presentation, workshop, course, and individual consultations/programs.



After the exam, we will discuss business in the last part of the training. Karin will share her success story with you (how she started from scratch and became a world-renowned face yoga teacher and holistic studio owner) and give you insights and, tips & tricks on how to start your business, how to connect with other businesses and offer in-person workshops/courses, how to position yourself online and even how to create your own online pre-filmed program that will give you passive income while benefiting people around the world. She will help you set your prices and offerings and answer all your questions.



The last module focuses on marketing. Here you’ll get insights into how to market and attract clients by sharing your knowledge and experience. You will learn about different types of marketing (based on your focus and visibility) and get the best tips, insights, and trends in the social media marketing “world”. Karin has built her business organically using Instagram as her main platform. No paid ads, no influencer collaborations. You can do it too.

Structure of the training

This 4-month (30h) long training is held online in English. It consists of:

The first four self-paced sessions cover the theoretical part. Each session activates on a Sunday Morning for four consecutive Sundays.
The six online and live sessions are practical. They will happen every second Sunday after completing the self-paced sessions. The exact timing will be selected after the group of instructors is formed. During these sessions, you will put theory into practice and you have the opportunity to work with the founder directly. Our mission is to create the best quality face yoga teachers, and the ability to be observed and corrected by the founder is an amazing bonus that will help you become confident in your practice and teachings.
If you cannot join online live, don’t worry – each session is recorded and uploaded to the private instructor’s platform, where you can watch whenever you have time. As an added bonus, all recordings and written materials stay with you forever.

Pricing & payment plan


Pay a deposit of 725 EUR

As spots are limited, a deposit is required to secure your place


Choose between 2 payment options

One time payment

*save 400 eur*

Standard price:

3100 EUR

Discounted price:

2900 EUR

Early bird discount:

2700 EUR


Instalment payment

(save 200 eur)

Standard price:

3100 EUR

4 monthly instalments – 775 eur / month

Early bird discount:

2900 EUR

4 monthly instalments – 725 eur / month

*Deposit payment serves to secure your spot. Deposit is non-refundable. If you can’t join the upcoming teacher training you will be offered a seat in the next one*.

*After receiving your payment we will also send you a contract to read, sign and send back*

Success stories

I paid off my investment in the Glowin Face Yoga teacher program within my first round of the Introductory FaceYoga Program! I now teach both FaceYoga and Pilates online from the comfort of my own home! And this year was very exciting as I released my FaceYoga Pilates App, and opened up an online shop to sell Glowin products in the US!”

Morgan Browning
FaceYoga Pilates

Carolina Winograd, Kaliope Glow

Location: Argentina

Morgan Browning, Face Yoga Pilates

Location: US

Stéphanie Jacquet, Blissyou Face Studio

Location: Belgium

Get a sneak peek into our instructor’s workbook

    Here’s what sets our 
    program apart:

    This is the only Face Yoga teacher training where:

    1. You’ll learn our signature and potent Face Yoga method step-by step

    2. You will understand and learn how face exercises benefit facial mobility, facial and body posture, the brain, lymphatic system and even the Vagus nerve

    3. You will learn about traditional Chinese Medicine and face reading

    4. You’ll get professional knowledge on TMD and facial anatomy directly from a doctor

    5. You will work LIVE online with our founder Karin

    6. You’ll get to keep all the materials (video & pdf) for a lifetime

    7. You will gain additional exposure as a Glowin Face Yoga teacher and our support after the training finishes

    8. You will be able to increase your income and expand your business (affiliate/wholesale) by reselling our Glowin Skincare and tools

    TMJ &





    Not all face exercises are equal. Results as seen below can be only achieved with good quality face exercises and precisely structured program. 






    Who is this teacher training for?

    You don’t have to be a beautician, physiotherapist or doctor to join the training. You will get the most profound knowledge needed to start teaching with confidence in this 4-month intense teacher training.

    What you do need is a passion for natural rejuvenating techniques and a willingness to work on yourself – not an unrealistic desire to chase youth and contribute to unrealistic beauty standards – but to work on yourself to improve your facial mobility and health, reduce pain, energise your face, connect with your inner being and cherish your unique beauty. And of course, help others do the same.

    The only prerequisite to join is completing the Beginners Face Yoga program, as we want your facial muscles to be fully activated to take the next step on your journey. We only accept people who have tried and loved our method, have seen the changes, and are eager to help us share it with the world.

    Don’t have our Beginners program yet?

    Don’t worry. There’s still time to start the Beginners program and join us on the teacher’s course.

    Your possibilities as a Face yoga teacher

    Once becoming a certified Glowinface Face Yoga teacher your possibilities are endless.

    We give you the opportunity and teach you how to:

    – Create your own online pre-recorded program and generate passive income
    – Conduct online live workshops and private programs
    – Offer in person classes, privates, workshops, courses and other events
    – Release Book publications
    – Add Face Yoga into your existing business (combine it with Yoga, Pilates, Psychotherapy practice, Physiotherapy, beauty…)
    – Connect with other experts and businesses

    Additional bonuses as a teacher

    As a Glowinface certified Face Yoga teacher, you can increase your income with our affiliate and wholesale options.

    Along with teaching Face Yoga, you can become a reseller of our Glowin Natural Skin Care products and Glowin Tools (Gua – Sha, Cupping).

    Glowin instructors

    As a Glowinface instructor you will receive additional promotion and credible association directly from us. You will be added to our website under the section Glowin instructors, you will have the option to present yourself and your business through LIVE Instagram sessions or pre-recorded videos and more.

    Our Glowin Instructor reviews


    Sessions 1-4 are pre-recorded and sessions 5-10 will be held online LIVE via Zoom.

    We highly recommend trying to attend Live sessions, however if you cannot make it, the recordings will be available for you up to 2 months after completing the program.

    Online live sessions will be held via Zoom. All the recordings and pre-recorded sessions will be available to you in your dashboard on your Glowinface profile.

    Yes, you will receive lifetime access to the written materials. The video recording will be available to you up to 2 months after completing the training.

    This is the only Face Yoga teacher training where:
    1. You’ll learn our signature and potent Face Yoga method step-by step
    2. You will understand and learn how face exercises benefit facial mobility, facial and body posture, the brain, lymphatic system and even the vagus nerve
    3. You will learn about traditional Chinese Medicine and face reading
    4. You’ll get professional knowledge on TMD and facial anatomy directly from a doctor
    5. You will work online LIVE with our founder Karin
    6. You’ll be able to keep all the materials (video & pdf) for a lifetime
    7. You will get additional exposure as a Glowin Face Yoga teacher and our support even after the training finishes
    8. You will be able to increase your income and expand your business (affiliate/wholesale) by reselling our Glowin Skincare and tools

    There is an oral exam at the end of the course (that is the only live session, where attendance is obligatory if you wish to pass the exam). After passing the exam, you’ll get our Glowinface certificate allowing you to teach our Glowinface method all over the world.

    To watch the session you’ll need 3h. For additional practice you’ll need around 2-3h of your time per week.

    Becoming a Glowinface certified Face Yoga teacher enables you to conduct in person and online live face yoga workshops and group/ individual courses. You can also create your own pre-recorded face yoga programs, write & publish books, connect with other professionals and work together, open your own studio… the possibilities are limitless.

    Program overview

    (the exact time of the online live session will be known when the group is formed – you’ll meet your fellow instructors to be from all over the world.

    (the exact time of the online live session will be known when the group is formed – you’ll meet your fellow instructors to be from all over the world.

    SESSION 1: October 6th 2024


    – The science behind Face Yoga
    – Why the right technique & structure of the exercises matter
    – What is the right Face Yoga technique
    – Different types of face workouts

    – Facial muscle structure, position, attachments and function
    – Different muscle groups and layers
    – Your facial form
    – The skin
    – Facial fat pads
    – Bones

    SESSION 2: October 13th 2024


    Guest speaker: internationally recognized doctor of dental medicine specialised in TMJ & Bruxism Matej Kuliš

    – Glands,
    – Lymphatic and cardio-vascular system (face)
    – Nervous system and the Vagus nerve
    – Brain and internal glands
    – TMD disorders + Bruxism

    – How your face ages
    – Different types of ageing
    – Types of wrinkles
    – Collagen and elastin structure & function

    SESSION 3: October 20th 2024


    – The gravitation process and different types

    – Traditional Chinese medicine principles
    – 5 element theory
    – Meridians and acupressure points
    – Learn the theory of Face Mapping

    SESSION 4: October 27th 2024


    – Introduction to signature Glowinface ™ program
    – The process of muscle activation
    – Step by step muscle activation guide
    – The power of resistance & opposite resistance
    – The exercises and the sequence
    – How Face Yoga affects the face & body
    – Skincare + Face Yoga

    SESSION 5: November 10th 2024

    *Online Live*

    – Recap of the fist 4 sessions
    – Q&A

    – In depth learning of 6 Glowinface Face Yoga exercises
    – The right and wrong technique
    – Cautions

    •  Fascia manipulation techniques, warm up & cool down massage


    SESSION 6: November 24th 2024

    *Online Live*

    – In depth learning of 6 Glowinface Face Yoga exercises
    – The right and wrong technique
    – Cautions

    SESSION 7: December 8th 2024

    *Online Live*

    – In depth learning of 3 Glowinface Face Yoga exercises
    – The right and wrong technique
    – Cautions
    – NEW Face Yoga exercises and Massage techniques

    SESSION 8: January 5th 2025

    *Online Live*

    – TMJ & Bruxism with dr. DMD Kulis 
    – How to individualise the exercises
    – How to structure individualised workout programs


    SESSION 9: January 19th 2025 – EXAM TIME

    *Online Live*


    SESSION 10: January 26th 2025

    *Online Live*

    – How to start your business/ include Face Yoga in your existing business
    – How to manage your clients
    – How to do: presentations, workshops, courses, 1-1 programs
    – Best practices

    – Marketing tips & tricks
    – Certification Celebration


    Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to combine your passion for wellness, beauty, and helping others. Join our online Face Yoga Teacher Training Program today and embark on a fulfilling career that transforms lives from the inside out.

    Enrol now and discover the art of Face Yoga for radiant beauty that stands the test of time!