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Cupping is an ancient method used in Traditional Chinese Medicine that uses suction cups to gently part the skin’s layers, fascia and muscles. It increases the flow of oxygen and nutrient-dense blood to the cells and drains toxins from the face and body through the lymphatic system

This set contains 3 cups – 2 for the face, neck and décolletage and 1 for the body



  1. Smallest cup (S): around the eyes and mouth
  2. Medium sized cup (M): face, neck and décolletage
  3. Biggest cup (L): legs and stomach

Medical grade glass and rubber ball

  • ROSACEA: It’s a NO over rosacea itself as it’ll bring more heat but it is a YES down the neck to boost the lymphatic system and clear up heat accumulation
  • SKIN PRONE TO BROKEN CAPILLARIES: Avoid these areas completely or use smaller cups and perform gentle suction
  • ACTIVE ACNE BREAKOUTS: Avoid areas where there is an active breakout – simply glide around it and don’t forget about your neck and cleavage area
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Increases microcirculation and subsequently helps boost collagen & elastin production which results in improved skin texture and glow. It helps reduce puffiness and acne, release tension in the muscles, define facial contours and diminish the appearance of fine lines

Why your face
Will love it

Facial Cupping will depuff your face, release tension in the facial muscles and leave your skin feeling toned, firm and glowing


Stimulates blood & lymphatic flow all over the body and subsequently helps reduce cellulite, improve skin texture and elasticity and reduce pain in various body parts

Why your body
Will love it

Body cupping helps relieve muscle tension, promotes cell repair, aid in regeneration of tissues, reduces cellulite and tones + smoothes the skin. Cupping also helps with water retention all over the body


Boosts Collagen Production
Promotes New Oxygen-Rich Blood Circulation
Relaxes Muscle Tension
Stimulates the Lymphatic System


We recommend doing cupping alone or after your Face Yoga practice to drain the lactic acid and promote lymphatic drainage

How to use

Step 1:

Apply a facial mist followed by a face oil to your décolletage, neck and face/body to prepare your skin. We recommend our Glowin Mist and Glowin Elixir oil

Step 2:

Always use dynamic movements, never leave your cup suctioned in one place

Face Cupping

Start on your décolletage and massage from the centre of your chest outwards. Continue along your neck moving the cup upwards. Go under and on your chin, moving from the centre to the sides of your face. Repeat on your cheeks, under and above your eyes and the forehead. To finish, slide the cup down along your forehead on the sides of your face and down your neck

Body Cupping

Create a suction just above your knee and then move upward towards the hips. Massage the whole legs starting at the bottom and moving the cups upwards. When working on your stomach make sure to use upward and clockwise movements.


Recommended use: 10 minutes 1-3 times a week

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