Discover how to Face & Body Cupping

Dear Glow – Getter,
How you use Glowin Cupping matters. To get the best results with this amazing ritual read the instructions below and watch both HOW TO videos before starting.

  1. Clean your Glowin Cups with water and soap (you can de-attach the ball and glass + let it dry) before your first use
  2. Use Cupping on cleansed skin
  3. Prepare your skin using a mist and (facial) oil – we recommend our Glowin Elixir
  4. Massage the oil into the skin before starting
  5. Do cupping in front of the mirror for controlled and precise movements
  6. Never leave the cup suctioned in one place. Always keep it moving
  7. Start slow and be gentle. Use the other hand to support the skin
  8. If you do Cupping properly and gently marks resembling bruises are rare
  9. If they still appear don’t worry – they are not harmful and will go away in a few days
  10. Wait with Cupping until the marks disappear. With time the skin will become stronger and more resilient
  11. Keep your cups clean. Wash them with water and soap after every use
  12. Enjoy this beautiful modality

Suction / release technique: Activates the tissue and lymph centers

Gliding technique: Helps “unglue” the tissue and helps improbe blood and lymph flow

HOW TO: Face Cupping

HOW TO: Body Cupping

Do it 1-3x per week.  If you combine Cupping with Face Yoga do Cupping AFTER your Face Workout.

We recommend using Glowin Cupping with our Glowin Elixir Oil.

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ROSACEA: It’s a NO over rosacea itself as it’ll bring more heat but it is a YES down the neck to boost the lymphatic system and clear up heat accumulation
SKIN PRONE TO BROKEN CAPILLARIES: Avoid these areas completely or use smaller cups and perform gentle suction
ACTIVE ACNE BREAKOUTS: Avoid areas where there is an active breakout – simply glide around it and don’t forget about your neck and cleavage area

** If you have any health concerns consult your doctor before performing cupping or any other modality **

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