Face Yoga

FACE YOGA is a holistic workout with countless benefits that has seen an explosive global uptake. The reason? Not only does it erase wrinkles and saggy skin, but its effects go deeper to improve your well-being and overall health. And they’re lasting.

No gimmicks, no needles, just good old fashioned movement at work.

This revolutionary concept works behind the skin focusing on lifting and toning all facial muscles which have been proven to be responsible for your skin glow, facial symmetry and form.

It won’t take you hours of practise. By choosing the right exercises for your face, you will see amazing results in as little as 10 min daily practices.

All this from the comfort of your own home - 100% naturally.

The fact is, nobody questions the importance of working out the muscles in the body, so why would your face be any different? With more than 50 muscles in the face, imagine the potential for change!

It doesn’t take a miracle. Just a little motivation, some guidance and 10 mins of muscle work a day.


What’s Covered

    • An intro to Face Yoga and how it works
    • The science behind your aging face
    • The impact of face exercises on your skin
    • The effects of Face Yoga on wellbeing and health
      • Facial diagnosis
    • Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese medicine
    • HOW to start your Face Yoga journey - the right sequence matters
    • The 2 most effective Face Yoga exercises

Face yoga works!

These are before & after pictures of our satisfied costumers:

Join the webinar and once finished get full access to watch on demand. You will also get a gift from us. Don't miss this special opportunity!

About the founder: Karin Velikonja

The founder of Glowinface Karin Velikonja has been teaching Face Yoga all over the world since 2014. She has held classes in the USA, Belgium, UK, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Dubai, and Bali to more than 1000 participants. She fluently speaks English, Italian, Slovenian, and Croatian.

In 2018 she created an online version of her signature 5-week face workout program and started offering individual online sessions worldwide. You can find it at www.glowinface.com as an addition to your face yoga routine. There you will learn an additional 10 potent face exercises and build a complete face workout routine.

In the past, she has collaborated with different beauty companies in Italy, Dubai, Bali, and Slovenia. Together they have organized many face yoga presentations and staff training to educate people about the importance of facial exercise. She has spoken about Face Yoga at different health and wellness congresses, university classes and introduced it to health practitioners and doctors in Slovenia.



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