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Made from 100% Royal Agate gemstone. The Glowin Gua-Sha will supercharge your blood flow with its intentional S-shape, designed for fantastic precision and mind-blowing results. The Gua-Sha technique helps release tension in your facial muscles, lift, sculpt, tone and de-puff creating a beautiful glow.

Use on the face, neck, chest, back, and even your hands and feet.

Premium Gua-Sha tool + in-depth video tutorial

100% pure Royal Agate gemstone. Unique in color, intentional in design. Best quality Certificate.

The S-shape has been cut for optimal results, while each stone is unique in color and texture, with no two alike.

  • ROSACEA: It’s a NO over rosacea itself as it’ll bring more heat but it is a YES down the neck to boost the lymphatic system and clear up heat accumulation
  • ACTIVE ACNE BREAKOUTS: Avoid areas where there is an active breakout – simply glide around it and don’t forget about your neck and cleavage area
  • OPEN WOUNDS: don’t use the Gua-Sha on open wounds
Use it with Glowin Elixir oil

Glowin Elixir


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Why your face
Will love it

With its origin in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Gua-Sha technique has many benefits. Facial Gua-Sha reduces muscle tension and promotes oxygen-rich blood flow to all your cells resulting in an energized and glowing appearance. It promotes lymphatic drainage removing toxins from your system and, in that way, helps de-puff, sculpt and lift your face while reducing dark circles and pale skin.

It also promotes the effectiveness of your skincare products, aiding them to penetrate deeper into the layers of your skin. For this reason, ensure you use quality products in your routine.

Why your body
Will love it

When used on your body Gua-Sha scraping technique works on promoting healthy blood, lymph and energy flow reducing inflammation and stagnant QI and so helping release fascia adhesions, muscle tension and joint pain.

Why we love
Royal Agate

The Royal Agate gemstone is known for calming inner tension and bringing balance back to your face, body & mind. It helps with the healing of emotional and physical wounds and facilitates achievement, helping channel you towards personal goals and prosperity. Agate can be used for love, mental clarity, and good luck. It is a stone everyone should have for protection – from bad dreams, stress and energy drains.

Your skin (and everything beneath) is important. Make sure you only use best quality Gua-Sha gemstone.


Releases muscle tension
Improves blood flow
Promotes lymphatic drainage
Sculpts your face

Signature design for mind-blowing results

Designed to stimulate acupressure points and melt tension spots. When used flat, it is the perfect surface to sculpt the under-eye region.

THE SCRAPING EDGE: Amazing for the scraping technique. It creates heat in the tissues and removes stubborn wrinkles creating an undisrupted flow of energy.

THE WAVED EDGE: Perfectly hugs the cheeks and jawline

THE SHORT EDGE: When used flat, it is terrific for reducing nasolabial folds and chest massage.

THE LONG EDGE: Amazing for more extensive surfaces; forehead, upper eyelids, cheeks, front, side and back of the neck

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How to use

Step 1:

Apply a facial mist followed by a face oil to your décolletage, neck and face to prepare your skin. We recommend our Glowin Mist and Glowin Elixir oil

Step 2:

Always use dynamic movements, never leave your cup suctioned in one place


Start on your décolletage and massage from the centre of your chest outwards. Continue along your neck moving the cup upwards. Go under and on your chin, moving from the centre to the sides of your face. Repeat on your cheeks, under and above your eyes and the forehead. To finish, slide the cup down along your forehead on the sides of your face and down your neck

Recommended use: 10 minutes 1-3 times a week

Scan to discover a guided Gua-Sha tutorial

After receiving your Gua-Sha, scan the QR code on the box and unlock access to our exclusive “HOW TO GUA-SHA” video and application guide.

Because the right Gua-Sha technique is important for your results. We’ve got your back.

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Best to use with

Step 1: We recommend starting with our Glowin Mist (Lavender hydrosol) to hydrate and moisturize the skin

Step 2: On damp skin apply our Glowin Elixir premium oil to deeply nourish the skin and help the Gua-Sha glide over your face smoothly

Step 3: Start your Gua-Sha massage as shown in the guided video you’ll receive when purchasing yours (scan the QR code)

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