I work as a face yoga instructor for more than 4 years now, and in this period, I have seen more than 800 facial transformations of both young girls and mature women. Face yoga works wonders. If you practice it regularly and make sure you do the exercises correctly, results follow rather quickly, and you’ll be surprised how effective this workout actually is.

You may not know this, but before launching my online face workout program, I organized live 4-week long courses with groups of 10 -15 people. Week after week, we would check the changes on everybody’s face and discuss the results.

Some clients already had the results in the first two weeks, while others saw changes only in the last weeks of our practice. Why?

Because all of our faces are different – we have different face structures, gravitation types, habits, and needs. The more I worked with people, the more I realized the importance of the individual approach, and after I started offering individual courses, the results came quicker and were much more noticeable. This is also how I met Sandra.

Sandra was already experienced in practicing face yoga but wanted a personalized approach to achieve even better results.

I crafted a personalized 5-week program tailored to her needs, and during that period, we would meet for 1,5h long weekly online sessions. I have never met a more dedicated and enthusiastic face yoga lover in my life. She set a goal to rejuvenate her face naturally, and after a year of following our program, her results are breathtaking, to say the least.

It’s like her whole face transformed – the skin started glowing, her muscles gained volume, and her face became more toned. During the program we focused on lifting the upper part of the face, reducing the puffiness in her lower eyelid area and eliminating the dark eye circles, but if you look closely, you’ll also notice volume gain in the cheek and mouth area. Lucky for us, she was kind enough to share her experience online as well.

Sandra, tell us how did you discover face yoga, and why did you decide for an individual online course?

A while back, I started noticing significant changes on my face due to the aging process and my stressful lifestyle. My whole face started to sag, the cheeks started losing volume, and my dark circles made me look tired and “drained out.” I knew I had to do something to reverse and slow down the aging process, but I didn’t want to use fillers or botox even though many of my friends were using it. I don’t like the negative impact they have on our health, and that turned me off even more than seeing the “results” other people were getting. These kind of treatments are easily accessible, and even though social media is “normalizing” them, they are far away from being unharmful.

On the contrary to popular belief, quick beauty fixes aren’t completely harmless.

Botox is actually a poison we willingly inject in our bodies and the “innocent” face fillers stretch your skin. After they dissolve the skin sags even more! I wasn’t willing to take that risk. So I continued to search online untill I discovered a completely natural method which activates and trains facial muscles instead of numbing them. It is called face yoga.

I first got introduced to the workouts through some books and a DVD’s. With practice I started seeing some changes on my face, but I soon hit the “plateau.” So about 3 months into the practice, I realized I need to look for more information, exercises, and plans. This is when I found Glowinface and Karin, who instantly captured my attention with her easy-to-follow concept and a unique approach that really resonated with me.

Not long after, I decided to contact her to start my individual online face yoga course with her. Karin created a personalized program based on my face type, gravitation, and concerns. With her guidance, I was able to recognize which part of the face needed more attention and keep track of my performance and progress. Not only did she show me how to do all exercises the right way, but she also introduced me to Chinese Medicine and face mapping, which helped me understand the cause of wrinkles on my face.

I would recommend the individual sessions to both beginners and people who have already bought the 5-week face yoga online course. It gives you a much deeper understanding of what is happening on your face, why is it happening and how you can improve it.

What was your favorite thing about the Glowinface individual online course?

The results. I loved how Karin explained everything about my face and why I should do my workouts the way she suggested. She always checked my form and made sure I do every exercise correctly. We practiced every exercise until I knew exactly how to do it, and she walked me through the process with ease and patience.

I think it is essential to get the right teacher before you start with your face yoga journey. From my experience, I can you tell you that doing some exercises here and there without a proper sequence and structure doesn’t bring you the results you want. Good results start to show up only if you have the appropriate guidance through an online course or an individual approach. It’s the same as exercising your body in a gym – you need to create an effective routine by following a good plan.

What else besides face yoga did you learn on the course?

We talked about everything; from bottled emotions that show up on my face to nutrition and proper skincare. Karin explained the importance of collagen and elastin production and showed me how to boost it. The key is eating the right food, taking the right supplements, doing face exercises, stimulating acupressure points, and using face massage to relieve tension. This is something you don’t get in the basic online face yoga program because it primarily focuses on the facial exercises. If you want to take a step further, get better results, and follow a program tailored to your needs, the individual online program is a great way to do that.

When did you start noticing the first results? Are you happy with them?

I couldn’t be happier with the results. I started seeing changes after 2 weeks of our weekly sessions, as my face started to get more shaped and toned. After 3 months, I started seeing noticeable changes on my skin, which has become more pliable and vibrant. This kept me going, and after 6 months of practice, the results got even more visible to the naked eye.

My cheeks lifted and gained volume, my lips got fuller, dark circles were much less visible, and my skin was completely renewed. I was impressed when I noticed that my hair stopped falling out and started to regenerate as well. When my son and husband first saw me doing face yoga, they were made fun of me and didn’t believe it would work. Now, my husband talks about face yoga with everyone.

How does your daily face workout routine look now after almost two years of regular practice?

I can’t imagine my day without face yoga. Exercising my face relaxes and energizes me at the same time, which gets me into a good mood, especially now when I see how far I’ve come.

I do my 10 minutes long morning routine while I’m drinking my first cup of coffee. After completing the exercises in my personalized program that Karin wrote for me, I usually do gentle face massage to relax my muscles. Once a week, I take 30 minutes just for myself and do all 15 exercises from the online face yoga course in one go.

Besides regularly practicing face yoga regularly, I don’t do much else because I simply find it unnecessary. As a 44 years old woman I can say that for me the most important things are to stay healthy and to feel good. With face yoga, I achieved just that.

What I love the most is how my face feels alive, my skin looks healthy, and they both have a natural glow.

This is why I’m getting concerned by seeing so many young women reach out for fillers and botox ignoring what could go wrong and how they’re going to look like when they get older. The unrealistic beauty trends we see today were never as invasive as they are now, at least in my opinion. I also see what is happening to my friends using this method firsthand… besides getting an “unnatural look,” they also combat health issues they’ve never experienced before like migraines, thinner skin, and loss of bone density. Not to mention, they have to visit their doctor more and more frequently.

These days we really have many options to choose from. I wish that people would educate themselves first before doing any drastic changes and always choose health first.
With face yoga, I feel much younger and healthier than a few years back even though I’m already 44. I do feel the changes and harmony in my body that started to show up with practice and when I hear other people say: “this course is expensive” I always ask them: “can you really put a price tag on your health?”

 Your recommendations to others regarding beauty and self-care?

I would suggest you do simple and natural treatments. I like to do rice and adzuki bean face scrubs; Bobby Brown – a world-known beauty brand that uses natural ingredients also has a face scrub that consists of adzuki beans. For a gentle massage after the facial workout, I love to use organic silica, rice oil, Chilean raspberry seed oil. This combination works wonders for me.

At night I use almond oil to remove makeup around my eyes and virgin coconut oil to cleanse my face. Then I use micellar water and vitamin C, which I think is very important to use at night time. In the morning, I do my face workout routine and then use apricot, acai, or blueberry seed oil. I finish the morning routine with a cream containing hyaluronic acid.

However, let’s be clear; no cream is going to bring you the same results as exercising your facial muscles does. You can’t get fuller and more sculpted face by only using skin care products. I was only able to improve the area around the eyes with one “product” so far – face yoga exercises for the lower eyelids.

My skin improved so much that even makeup looks different on me.

Looking back, I am grateful I discovered face yoga and started this journey. I’m really proud of myself too and let me tell you this; once you start to feel and see the difference…you will never look back. No other treatment, machine, tool, or procedure can bring you that face form and healthy glow; I’m 100% sure about that. I’ve experienced it myself.

I was a bit hesitant to let Karin post my before and after pictures. You know we are our own worst critics. However, I decided to go for it because I want to encourage other people to try this natural method. You have nothing to lose; all you need is some courage to start and some determination to keep on going.

Hi, my name is Karin, and I’m the founder and lead instructor of Glowinface Face Yoga programs.
Before Face YogaAfter Face yoga

I can’t imagine my day without face yoga. Exercising my face relaxes and energizes me at the same time, which gets me into a good mood, especially now when I see how far I’ve come. My cheeks lifted and gained volume, my lips got fuller, dark circles were much less visible, and my skin was completely renewed.

Sandra, 45

Once you see first results on your face, you just want to keep going – feeling better and younger each time. I lost my double chin upon only two weeks!

Martina, 37

Face Yoga Basic program covers all you
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