Starting your own face yoga journey can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You can spend hours researching anti-aging face yoga exercises only to feel even more lost in the end.

  • “What do I need?”
  • “How should I start?”
  • “Which facial exercises should I do?”
  • “For how long should I hold them?”
  • “Is this face yoga thing for real?”

I get it. I felt like that too at first, and I wished there were more trusted resources online when I was starting out. In the flood of quick fixes and “magic” skincare products, it’s hard to know what to do.

But let me tell you one of the things I learned the hard way: Glowing skin comes from within.

In order to reduce wrinkles, clear acne, and get stalled lymph out of our faces, we need to look below the surface. Welcome to the anatomy class, everybody!

Did you know there are 57 muscles on the face and that they represent 60% of our face structure? Then there is 20% skin, 10% bone, and 10% fat. Under the influence of gravity, our face muscles start to sag and lose volume. Skin closely connects to the muscles and always follows them. If your muscles drop and atrophy, your skin will have no place to lay on and get more and more wrinkled.

Anti-aging skincare products can only do so much in this case. They will never reach the deepest skin layers as face yoga does, so it’s best to create a new beauty routine that combines the best of two worlds – regular face yoga practice + quality skincare products.

If you train your muscles properly, they’ll gain volume and get stronger. The skin will then evenly spread on the available surface and give you a natural facelift.

Improved blood circulation is vital here! When you workout your facial muscles, you also increase blood circulation in the deepest layers of your skin. With more oxygen in the cells, the toxins start to flush out, and your skin responds with fewer breakouts, smaller pores, and more elasticity.

In this blog post, we’re going to share 3 beginner anti-aging face yoga exercises to get you started. They are the first ones we teach in our 5-week online face yoga program because they’re easy to master and serve as a “base” for your face yoga workout.

They are effective on their own but work even better when they’re a part of a carefully planned sequence. If you want permanent results and target all of your “crisis areas” learning a couple of exercises from the internet won’t do the trick!


HOW you start working out your face muscles is very important. Face yoga practice is only as effective as you make it. If you want to achieve the best results possible, you need to perform exercises in the right order. Within the Glowinface face yoga program, we teach you face yoga 15 exercises spread over 5-weeks in a carefully planned sequence, which ensures you get the best results possible.

It’s important to remember that not all muscles on our face are the same. They vary in size, shape, and weight. Under the effect of gravity, they start to sag down, and the heaviest muscles start pressing on the smaller ones.

That’s why we need to train the biggest muscles FIRST! Because they represent the very foundation your skin lays on, you’ll see little changes right after your workout. Compared to other tissues in our body, facial muscles are still pretty small, and we can get results faster.


You will already see and feel the difference right after you complete the first three exercises of our online workout, but it will usually take up to 14 days to see more significant changes.

That’s why I encourage you to take before and after pictures. Looking in the mirror, you might not notice much difference at first, but when you put two photos side to side, you’ll be blown away by how different you look.

But remember, you can only maintain these results if you continue practicing each day. Find a way to make face yoga a part of your beauty or morning routine. Your skin will thank you.


You can create MORE wrinkles if you’re not doing facial exercises properly. So make sure you use a mirror when you’re starting out, to make sure you smooth the skin with your hands instead of wrinkling it. Now, are you ready to get started?

3 beginner anti-aging face yoga exercises

The exercises I’m going to teach you are called Cat Eyes, Total Facelift & Bye Bye Double Chin They are our staple anti-aging exercises that will help you get a feel of what face yoga practice looks and feels like.

Make sure you hold each exercise for 30 seconds and repeat it 3 times. The best part? It Will take you less than 10 minutes, and you’ll already feel your face working!

When you master all 3 beginner face yoga exercises you’ll get the best results if you keep activating and training the rest of your facial muscles. The best way to do so is to buy and follow our Glowinface face yoga program. You’ll learn 15 exercises, spread over 5 weeks and grouped in 10-minute effective trainings. The program stays with you forever so you can always come back to it and start over.

But first, let’s learn our staple anti-aging face yoga exercises for reducing wrinkles and sagging skin.


This exercise concentrates on the upper part of the face. It eliminates the wrinkles around the eyes, lifts the upper eyelids, and eliminates stalled lymph from the lower eyelid. This exercise helps to improve vision, balances the hormonal system, reduces headaches, and brings energy.


  1. Put your palm ends onto the temples & embrace the head with your fingers.
  2. Check in the mirror to see if palm ends cover the end of your eyebrows – they have to!
  3. Press into the muscle with your palms first, and then press backward and up.
  4. Close and squint your eyes intensely until you feel your muscle below working.
  5. Your neck, shoulders and other facial muscles must be relaxed.


This face yoga exercise rejuvenates, lifts, and tones all 57 muscles on the face and neck. It reduces wrinkles on the face, neck, and décolletage. The best time to implement this exercise in your routine is in the morning, because it boosts your energy, wakes you up and clears your mind


  1. Make long and narrow “O” with your mouth, then hold for a few seconds.
  2. Then pull your upper and lower lip inwards over your teeth firmly and hold it.
  3. Hold the chin with your finger to keep your “O” long and narrow
  4. Then lift your cheeks from the corners of your mouth like you would like to smile.
  5. Be careful not to create wrinkles around the eyes. To prevent that, you can place your fingers on the temples, then press into the muscles and up.


Facial exercise “Bye Bye Double chin” firms and tones the muscle groups in around and under the chin. It helps to raise the sagging cheeks and strengthens the entire jaw. It also reduces wrinkles on both sides of the chin, the so-called ‘bags’, it eliminates the double chin and smoothes the skin on the neck


  1. Smile, open your mouth and make an “aaaa” sound.
  2. Put your lower lip and corners over your lower teeth and press it inward.
  3. Start pushing your jaw outwards – as far as it goes and try to lift the cheeks.
  4. You must feel the resistance between your cheeks pulling up and your jaw pushing out.
  5. When your jawbone can’t get any further, cover the area around the mouth with 2 fingers on both sides to prevent wrinkles and hold.

Good job! Now you’re all set for your face yoga journey. Practice these 3 anti-aging face yoga exercises daily and subscribe to Glowinface Youtube channel to learn more about face yoga, reducing wrinkles and keeping your skin healthy!

Hi, my name is Karin, and I’m the founder and lead instructor of Glowinface Face Yoga programs.
Before Face YogaAfter Face yoga

I can’t imagine my day without face yoga. Exercising my face relaxes and energizes me at the same time, which gets me into a good mood, especially now when I see how far I’ve come. My cheeks lifted and gained volume, my lips got fuller, dark circles were much less visible, and my skin was completely renewed.

Sandra, 45

Once you see first results on your face, you just want to keep going – feeling better and younger each time. I lost my double chin upon only two weeks!

Martina, 37

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