What is Cupping? How does it work and where does it come from?

Cupping is an ancient modality deriving from Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has been used for decades to treat and heal different issues on the body and face. You most probably know about Cupping therapy for back pain, but I want you to know there are different Cupping techniques and cup sizes that can be used on the face and all over the body. Why you might ask?

Because Cupping has anti-aging effects on the face as well as slimming effects on the body. And you can do it yourself from the comfort of your own home. What you need is to learn how to do it and use good quality Cupping tools.

As said, Cupping can be done on the face, neck, and cleavage area as well as on the body – legs, and tummy. 

For this technique, glass cups are used to create suction to “unglue” all skin layers, fascia, and muscles creating space for flow. The flow of new blood, and energy to every single cell and removing toxins through the lymphatic system. Cupping helps break down fascia adhesions, release tension from the muscles as well as boosts collagen and elastin production.

Benefits of Cupping

Facial cupping

Facial Cupping is an amazing natural rejuvenating technique – and no, don’t freak out – if you do facial cupping right, you won’t get any marks on your face. 

The benefits:

Facial cupping helps depuff the face, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and improves skin elasticity and overall glow.

The best Cups to be used on the face are smaller ones. At Glowinface we offer a Facial Cupping set that comes with 2 Cups – bigger to be used on the cheeks, forehead, chin, neck, and cleavage area and smaller to be used around the lips and around the eyes. 


Body cupping

Body Cupping uses Bigger cups that can be used on the legs and tummy.  

The benefits:

Body cupping helps to drain the lymph, and reduce cellulite and water retention. If you have any pain in the body, you can also use cupping to reduce the pain.

It is super important to know how to use cupping properly because if you don’t, you can be left off with slight marks on your face – which are actually NOT bruises but just look like it.

It’s important to understand that the red circular marks left behind by the cups (if you hold them statically in one place) are NOT bruises. Cupping marks cannot be called bruises simply because of the way bruises are caused. Bruises appear when the body experiences some kind of blunt injury or trauma. The impact can break the blood capillaries present under the skin, which is why you see the redness. The body responds to the injuries with a rush of healing fluids to the area that also contribute to the bruising or redness. When the proteins at the injury site begin to coagulate, blood circulation reduces and the patient feels pain. Cupping marks are caused by suction from the cupping set instead of the pressure in case of trauma and work to bring toxins to the surface. The most important differentiating factor is the cupping marks do not cause pain and if there is any discomfort, it is minimal and goes away quickly. But again – when working on the face we’re never leaving the cups in the same place – meaning we in this way avoid marks. 

Glowinface Cupping

I’m super happy to let you know Glowinface is Launching Facial and Body Cupping sets.

Glowin Cupping is made from medical-grade glass and rubber. You can use the rubber ball separately, to massage the facial muscles and release tension, especially after a face workout.

We offer you three different Cup Sizes and sets.

Cupping set

The biggest size (L) is meant for the body and it’s meant to be used on the legs, tummy, and arms. Two smaller cups, the medium (M) and the small one (S) are facial cups. The medium cup is made for the forehead, cheeks, neck, cleavage area, and arms. The smaller cup is great for more sensitive areas, such as around the mouth and around the eyes.

You will be able to get

  • All 3 cups in a Face & Body Cupping set (best offer)
  • 2 Facial cups in a Face Cupping set
  • 1 Body cup in a Body Cupping set


Each box also contains a QR code leading you to the videos on how to do Facial and Body cupping. Because we know how important it is to do it right. :) We recommend using it with Glowin Elixir oil.


We’re launching on June 30th! Hop into our newsletter to be notified about all the details.


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