Muscles on your face are small and closely connected, so you don’t have to spend hours to see and feel the results. You will already see and feel the difference right after you complete the first three exercises of our online workout, but it will take up to 14 days to see permanent results.

Keep in mind that everyone’s face structure is different, and results differ based on people’s gravitation type, habits, and dedication. Like with body exercise also with Face Yoga the results will show faster if you are eating healthy, sleep well, and if you take care of yourself emotionally.

Stress and other emotions show on your face more than you think. Our face is the fastest changing part of us. So keep in mind that your progress may vary from day to day too. We encourage you to take photos of your face before you start with your program and then at the end of the 5-week long program. If you are going to work out regularly, you are going to be impressed! Check our clients before and after pictures here: